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Teacher Training with Results:

Applied Scholastics is an international institution having trained thousands of Teachers all over the world providing tools to increase their classroom effectiveness despite widely varying classroom situations. There can easily be as many as 6 different competency levels in any one classroom. The proficiency scores country to country, state to state, school room to school room shows an ever increasing diversity in students abilities and preparedness. Many graduates lack the academic and learning skills needed to prepare them for success and prosperity in life. The one-size fits all teaching approach reaches approximately 25% of the class per the statistics.

The Applied Scholastics teacher trainers are experienced educators themselves with years of understanding to assist your teachers in putting their training into practical use, teacher to teacher.

Our teacher training programs and continuing education courses teach teachers and educators the skills they need to handle their students.

Applied Scholastics offers on campus training tailor made to suit your school or district’s specific needs including:

- Strategic approaches to comprehension difficulties
- Strategic handlings for Special Needs Students
- Learning disabled strategies
- Handling difficult students of all types
- Differentiated instruction
- Classroom integration strategies
- Strategies for assessing understanding
- Creating strategic and active independent readers
- Cooperative Learning
- Strategies for monitoring comprehension
- Learning strategies to handle frustrated students
- Academic skills strategies to handle those yet unhandled students
- Literacy strategies
- Comprehension strategies
- Fluency strategies
- Vocabulary development strategies


Results from Teachers:

As a teacher of English as a second language in Seward Park High School, a large inner-city high school, I have successfully used the Hubbard Study Technology to help my students become more able and acquire a greater understanding of the lessons they are taught. Other teachers and administrators in my school have noticed the change and improvement in my students' test scores and speaking ability, as well as the atmosphere in my classroom. Their praise has validated my application of Mr. Hubbard's Study Technology and its goals: that being a good teacher produces students who can apply what they have learned. 

L.K., Teacher
New York. Being trained with the Applied Scholastics Study Technology I now have a method of learning which can be used by all students and adults who wish to get something truly meaningful from study. Now I am using the techniques in my classroom and the retention rate of vocabulary and basic sight words is tremendous. My students are the proof that this really works. 

Elementary School Teacher. My new class of fifth graders were mostly Asian and Hispanic, many limited-English speaking. I taught them the basic study principles of Mr. Hubbard and began using these principles with them daily. What did I end up with? A classroom full of students who understood how to study and how to apply what they learned. To my surprise this translated into a very well behaved classroom. Every student increased his scores from the year before in the California Achievement Test. In fact, several showed four to seven grade levels of growth! 

Elementary School Teacher. I considered the chance to learn Study Technology a great opportunity to enhance both my own teaching skills and my students' learning skills. Having used these study skills for 5-1/2 months now, I can really see their value in helping the kids. 

Junior High School Teacher. To me the greatest success of this curriculum is when an at-risk student who tried hard and failed uses it and achieves great success. 

P.Q. Teacher
7th Grade Integrated Science When I finally succeeded in the first part of the Learning How to Learn Course for Teachers I shed tears of joy. This was because I moved a positive step forward in my teaching profession.

The course is a very worthwhile one because I have gained knowledge and skills, specifically the three barriers to learning, how to detect these barriers in children and how to correct these manifestations.

Lower Basic School


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